The Ferry building is a stunning San Francisco landmark. It stands at the end of Market street. I prefer biking this route in the evening, taking Market St. to the Ferry Building. The night breeze, the Bay bridge lighting up the water below, and the overall ambiance is such a beautiful way to enjoy the city.
Market street, stating from 10th street to the Ferry Building is a car-free area, meaning only taxis, public transportation and vehicles for commercial purposes are allowed. If you are nervous about biking in SF, this part of Market st. is a good option because the bike lanes are clear and the the traffic is minimal. In addition, the area is mainly flat so need to fight for your life biking up steep hills.
Reminder: you can walk, bike, skate, bus, drive or even hop your way to the Ferry Building. In this itinerary, I am sharing what personally works for me, but remember to always prioritize your safety, ability and time to best accommodate your needs and preferences.
• • • To the ferry building • • •

From the BayWheels bike rack outside the Twitter building to the Ferry Building is less than a 15 min bike ride. However, you can grab a bike from any of the nearby BayWheels stations throughout the city and make your way to the Ferry Building. 


Follow the bike lane south and you can head to SOMA, Oracle Park and Mission Bay districts. Going this way, you will be able to bike under the Bay Bridge.
• • • NORTHEast TOWARDS PIER 39 • • •

Follow the bike lane north towards Pier 39 and Fishwerman's Warf. Which is only a 10 minute bike-ride at most. So take your time and enjoy! This area is also great to walk, if you prefer to enjoy your time along the water.

From Fisherman's warf you can hop on the cable car to bring you back to Market St. Riding the cable car at night is a delightful experience. There tends to be less of a rush and watching the twinkling city from the top of the hills just looks beautiful. Info about cable car, schedules and tickets here.

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