When is the last time you got to row a boat on a little lake surrounded by beautiful greenery, derpy birds, and turtles chilling on a log? Exactly, this activity is one of my absolute favorites! I always bring my loved ones here when we want to do something different while also keeping it relaxed. Check out the tickets and more info at the Stop Lake boathouse.

Walk around the small trails on Strawberry Hill. There is a waterfall with steps leading up to the top that's worth exploring. Just walk in any direction you not be disappointed.
• • • Exploring GG Park • • •

You can spend the whole day at Golden Gate park and still find new places to explore for next time. GGP is filled with exceptional museums, charming gardens and even a bison paddock! It is a great place to bike, skate or roll because it's an another area of SF that has parts of it converted to be a car-free street. It is perfect for biking with children, beginners, or first-time bikers in the city.
• • • OCEAN BEACH • • •

Ocean beach borders the west side of Golden Gate Park. Ocean beach is a great place for bonfires, watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, or flying a kite. The water tends to be very cold, but it's still fun to walk along the beach and dip your feet into the cold water. This beach tends to be foggy a lot, so bring a jacket!
• • • SUTRO BATHS • • •

Sutro baths is a hidden gem. The history of the baths is already captivating. It is also a fun place to enjoy the sunset. Additionally, the area has nice trails on the upper part that display spectacular views of the Golden Gate bridge. There are lots of steps to go down to the bath ruins, but definitely worth it for those who are comfortable with the steps. There also lies a cool cave at the bottom which is fun to walk through in a hear the amplified sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks.

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